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Star endures intense latex breath play games and orgasm predicaments!
Star endures inte...
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Duration: 02:03
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Peter ties Aria as tightly as he can...
Peter ties Aria a...
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Sexy European Dominatrix and Big Breasted MILF in Full Body Mummification Electrosex!!!
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Raven vs Rico
Raven vs Rico
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Men On Edge video no. 24046
K-Man vs. The Evil Edgemaster
Acting: Jay Torque

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Rating:  [*] [*] [*] [ ] [ ] | Added: 11th of September 2012 | Runtime: 02min 16sec | Views: 1386

Hey guys and gals, it's time for this week's episode

K-Man vs. The Evil Edgemaster

Jay Torque is a regular college stud by day but at night, when the criminals show face, he dons his cape of power and becomes K-Man! Able to overpower criminals with his muscular body and his kind heart. He has but one weakness, when he gets horny he absolutely needs to cum. The Edgemaster exploits this to the fullest, luring K-Man into his underground lair with a holographic maiden in trouble. Chained up, K-Man goes through an excruciating, hours-long, edging session, begging to be allowed to cum. The Edgemaster relishes in breaking the hero and leaves him in the facility, powerless, and covered in cum.

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