Romance is in the Flash of the Sword II: The Unicorn

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Added: 29th of December 2012 | Views: 2163 | Runtime: 01min 23sec | Category: Animated Kink

On their way to deliver the Silver Rainbow, Keith and his gorgeous childhood crush, Mysty, stumble upon a band of thieves as they kidnap a beautiful virgin elf and her magic unicorn. With their long-time pent up frustration flowing through their bodies, Keith and Mysty succumb to their desire when no sooner do they need to rescue the virgin elf from her scheming assailants. The elf, unable to suppress her desire for her hero, hesitates before telling Keith "as an elf, I must give my virginity to my rescuer." As they engage in raw, passionate sex, all Keith can do is smile and think - to the victor goes the spoils.