Diggin Holes

Stars: Buck Richards, Christian Wilde
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Added: 29th of March 2024 | Views: 78 | Runtime: 01min 18sec | Category: Bound Gods

Buck Richards is upset because he needs this construction job done yesterday and Christian Wilde ain't getting it done. Christian reminds Buck that he is the only worker here today and Buck reminds Wilde that he's lucky to even have a job. Buck crosses the line when he grabs a hold of Christian's manly cock inside his denim jeans. Christian doesn't like being groped like a piece of meat and decides to let Buck know what it feels like to be degraded and humiliated. Christian has other tools in the shed besides hammers and screwdrivers. He ties and gags Buck to the outside of the shed. His pants are pulled down to his ankles to expose Buck's large cock. Buck gets his own cock slapped, pulled, and tugged. Next, Buck is bound to a wooden dolly. His balls are clamped tight with The Humbler. A mouth-spreader strapped to Buck's head makes it easy for Christian to thrust his own hard cock down his throat. Once Christian's cock is sloppy with spit, he rams it into Buck's pink, puckered asshole, outside for anyone who drives by to see. Brought inside, Buck finds himself completely naked and elaborately bound tight with rope. Christian teases him with a crop and then fucks his face yet again with his hard cock. Christian can't resist tasting Buck's huge cock while using the Zapper on his exposed flesh. Now Buck is happy to suck on Christian's cock as long as it means the end of the Zapper. Next comes the evil pinch of clover clamps on Buck's tender nipples and torso. Despite his complaining, Buck's huge cock is now rock hard and ready to cum. Christian denies him and instead suspends Buck on one foot and punishes him with the flogger. More blow jobs and ass fucking follow and Buck Richards wonders how to explain this day to his wife.