Masters Hole: Jax Phoenix and Ethan Sinns

Stars: Jax Phoenix, Ethan Sinn
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Added: 24th of May 2024 | Views: 82 | Runtime: 01min 17sec | Category: Bound Gods

Jax Phoenix is back in the dungeon, horny and ready to dominate his bound submissive, Ethan Sinns. Jax enters wearing black leather pants and gloves, he inspects the goods and finds a big meaty cock on his slave. Ethan's head is completely covered so he can't see what Jax looks like or what he is about to do, every second is a surprise as Jax slaps him around, punches his chest and jerks him off. Next, Jax demands Ethan crawl across the floor to clean and worship his black leather boots. Ethan eagerly licks his boots and shines them up with his tongue desperate to please his Dom, but that's not good enough. Ethan has come to the dungeon with dirty feet and must be punished. Jax humiliates his little cum slut whore while cropping his tender arches and then lets Ethan suck his hard cock as he moans in pleasure. Now Ethan is in a bit of a predicament, gagged, strapped, and restrained in a metal device-bondage chair that gives him no way to move comfortably. Jax covers his torso, nipples and balls with metal clamps and then zaps him over and over with sparks of electricity causing Ethan to drool and moan, sending him over the edge. Ethan is a good slave and can take a lot of pain so it's time to give him a little relief in the form of a big cock in his ass. Flipped around in the Device Bondage with eyes covered, Ethan gets his ass fucked good and hard until it's time for more discipline and punishment. Standing naked and chained, Ethan is at the mercy of his Master's flogger. Jax starts with gentle whips on Ethan's chest and back and then ramps up to a relentless furious lashing all over his body. Not only does Ethan take it like a good sub, he has to keep his mouth shut while enduring the pain. Finally after suffering through a hardcore whipping, Ethan gets his ass stuffed again. Jax fucks Ethan's obedient ass and leaves him with a hot cream-pie dripping out of his hole. Now that Jax is satisfied, Ethan can jerk himself off and shoots a load of cum all over his Master's boot which of course he must clean off, so he licks it clean leaving his Dom's boots looking shiny and new.