The Body Shop: Sage Roux Gets Brutalized by Heath Halo

Stars: Sage Roux, Heath Halo
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Added: 7th of June 2024 | Views: 63 | Runtime: 01min 13sec | Category: Bound Gods

Sage Roux needs his repair done now but mechanic Heath Halo doesn't have the time of day or interest in pleasing his customers. In fact he wants the total opposite - for his customer to please him by indulging his most kinky, perverse desires. So today Sage has a rude awakening when he realizes he is fucking with the wrong guy! Plus Sage has no situational awareness or he would have noticed all the kinky toys laying around the shop. He should have left when Heath told him to but now he is trapped in the clutches of a sadistic man. This is Heath's first time on Kink and he has no mercy on Sage as he ties him up with rope, tears his clothes off and torments him with the crop and verbal humiliation. With a heavy chain looped around his neck and the Humbler squeezing tight on his balls Sage is led to the tool bench where he gets a deep and dirty throat-fucking with Heath's throbbing cock. Then leaning over the tool bench Sage begs for Heath to stop as he gets his ass drilled with the fucksaw. But Heath is just getting warmed up and wants some of that tight hole for himself so he fucks Sage's ass and zaps him into submission with electricity. Next, Sage is gagged and bound with arms up while Heath flogs him relentlessly all over his pale vulnerable body and then puts him in a full suspension with legs straight up and his hole exposed. Sage gets a fast and furious ass-pounding. After Heath gets a good amount of hardcore ass-fucking, he wants to be worshiped so Sage rubs oil all over his muscles and cock in a very sensual way in order to please his Dom. Heath is full of pleasure and power and commands Sage to finish the job so Sage eagerly sucks Heath's cock with wide eyes and gets a hot load of jizz all over his face. Finally Mr. Halo wants to see his little toy cum too, so he jerks Sage off until he can't help himself and shoots his load for his master.