Brogan Takes Logan Aarons

Stars: Brogan, Logan Aarons
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Added: 21st of June 2024 | Views: 81 | Runtime: 01min 16sec | Category: Bound Gods

Brogan is polishing his favorite leather boots when the doorbell unexpectedly rings. He tries to ignore it but there is another loud rapping at the door. When he goes to answer it, he's faced with a persistent and annoying salesman, Logan Aarons, who won't take no for an answer even when Brogan said it wasn't a good time to talk. He invites the pesky visitor inside and pushes him up against the wall to let him know he is going to teach him a lesson in taking no for an answer. Brogan drags Logan down to the dungeon, ties him up, blindfolds him, and begins his kinky BDSM lesson. Decked out in black leather straps and buckles, boots and gloves, Brogan manhandles his fresh little piece of meat and claims Logan's cock and all of Logan's holes for himself. Nipple pinching, twisting, biting, and intense cock and ball torment ensue. Brogan tears Logan's clothes off and demands he clean his leather boots and pants using only his tongue. Logan is a good boy as he follows every order and furiously licks the boots clean. The next job is for Logan to suck coc,k so Brogan crams his hard dick down Logan's throat and fucks his face while hitting him with the crop. He chokes and gags and drools and takes it like a good slut. Then Logan is standing, tied up tight in rope bondage while Brogan edges his cock and whips him with the flogger. Finally Brogan bends Logan over and fucks his ass, causing him to moan and beg for more. In full suspension, Brogan pounds his ass harder. Logan needs more punishment to really learn his lesson, and so his flesh must be tenderized before getting fucked again. First Logan is on his knees tied up and gagged in predicament bondage with clothespins on his upper body, attached to long strands of string that reach the floor. Big meaty Brogan stomps through each strand of string ripping the clothespins off his tender flesh, one by one, making Logan wince in pain. Then more relentless CBT and a hardcore session with the crop to really remind him who is boss. Brogan face-fucks his plaything and then hammers his ass until he shoots a hot load all over Logan's pretty face. But Brogan still needs a good shine on his leather boots since he was so rudely interrupted earlier, so he lets Logan jerk off onto his boots and use the jizz as polish.