Creepy handyman hoses down and fucks a helpless vagrant

Stars: Trenton Ducati, Rich Kelly
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Added: 6th of February 2014 | Views: 2421 | Runtime: 00min 43sec | Category: Bound Gods

Creepy handyman Trenton Ducati is out by the dumpster, taking out the trash when he notices a sleeping vagrant, Rich Kelly. When told to leave, Rich refuses and Trenton slams him against the dumpster, tearing away his clothes and shoving him to his knees. The vagrant is made to swallow the handyman's hard cock before he's dragged off and bound in chains. Trenton hoses the dirty bum off and shoves an enema up his ass to make sure he's good and clean. After ramming his cock up the vagrant's ass, Trenton has him bound in the center of the room, ready for a flog. He beats Rich down before suspending him by his wrists and ankles, his hole wide open for Trenton's cock. After a relentless fuck, Trenton cums all over Rich's face before milking a load out of the poor vagrant's cock.