Fight to The Death in Ancient Rome - Live Show Part One

Stars: Van Darkholme, Christian Wilde, Alex Adams, Connor Maguire, Connor Patricks
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Added: 13th of February 2014 | Views: 1611 | Runtime: 00min 58sec | Category: Bound Gods

Connorligula joins with Alexander Wilde The Great summon Genghis Van from the future, offering him two gladiator slaves as gifts. Slave 200 & 100 crawl on their hands and knees and present their asses for their master's before they're made to suck cock. They're then challenged to get boners before 100 and 200 are ordered to wrestle for everyone's entertainment. When judgement time comes, it's bad news for both slaves. They're ordered to swallow their master's cocks while receiving a flogging from behind. Tied down on the wheel, 200 endures hot wax poured all over his body as 100 struggles to balance on the impaler. Alexander Wilde The Great and Connorligula ram their cocks up 200's ass before they're taken to the altar. Both slaves offer up their holes for their master's cocks. After a vigorous fuck, Alexander Wilde The Great rewards one of them with a mouthful of cum.