Special Delivery

Stars: Mz. Berlin, LOBO
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Added: 9th of February 2009 | Views: 3606 | Runtime: 02min 09sec | Category: Captive Male

Mz. Berlin receives a special delivery: a shackled, blindfolded slave. Unfortunately for lobo, Mz. berlin is feeling particularly sadistic and starts his session with a cat-o-nine tail whipping. Her panties are stuffed into his mouth, followed by her shoe, and then lobo is trampled. In rope bondage, Mz. Berlin teases his cock with her mouth, biting it hard until he screams. Deciding it is worthless, she rides his face, ordering lobo to worship her ass before shoving a dildo gag in there so he may truly satisfy her sexual desires. On his back, lobo is sodomized. his feet are displayed in the air perfectly for painful bastinado. his final humiliation is when a buttplug is duct-taped in his ass and he is left tied, spread-legged like a bitch.

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