Pedicure Turns Nasty

Stars: Ariel X, Juliette March
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Added: 12th of September 2014 | Views: 2583 | Runtime: 01min 03sec | Category: Foot Worship

Innocent pedicure? Not here. On her feet all day and tired, Juliette March took her aching peds to the salon for pampering. One look at Ariel X, though, & she asks for the "foot special."

No stranger to foot pervs like Juliette, Ariel sees lust written all over those tootsies & sets about washing each one into horny desperation. She opens Juliette's toes up with a spreader & then, using her incredible strength, Ariel sensually massages her arches, ankles and tight calves until Juliette's cunt is dripping wet. Those wet, squirming toes scrunch & wrinkle underwater at the sight of Ariel's perfectly toned body & the slut special really begins.

Ariel slurps the sweat from this horny client's toes & Juliette March returns the favor-- then fucks herself with Ariel's foot. The two take turns stuffing each others cunts toe-by-toe & lick pussy until the entire salon is a devastated, foot-orgasm mess. And this was only the first half of the package...