Two-for-one edging: Jackson Fillmore and Sebastian Keys

Stars: Sebastian Keys, Jackson Fillmore
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Added: 12th of July 2016 | Views: 2142 | Runtime: 00min 48sec | Category: Men On Edge

Skating over to the Armory on a hot summer day, Jackson pops in for impromptu edging session, and Van is more than happy to oblige. Jackson's dick swells as he disrobes and has his limbs bound tightly to the bed. Soon, Jackson melts into the bed as Van and Joshua James take him to the edge over and over. Jackson tries thrusting into Joshua's mouth as hard he he can, but only finds frustration when Joshua moves away at the last moment. When Van wraps the tight sleeve of the fleshjack over his cock, he's ready to fill it with cum. Instead, they tickle his body and rock his prostate with a vibrator. When they finally let him bust, Jackson covers his chest and abs in hot jizz. After helping Van with another hot Men On Edge session, Sebastian feels too horny to go home. Van secures him to the bed and teases Sebastian with slow strokes. It doesn't take long before Sebastian is raging hard and ready to burst. Van makes Sebastian moan with two hitachis secured against his boner at full power. But the day is starting to get away from them, so he finally decides to let Sebastian cum with a hitachi pressed hard against his balls.