WARNING! Extreme Torment and Mind Bending Orgasms

Stars: Elise Graves
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Added: 20th of March 2013 | Views: 3038 | Runtime: 01min 03sec | Category: Sadistic Rope

Elise suffers like none other. Her primal screams to non stop, brutal torment are as real as it gets. She prides herself on being able to take anything that you dish out and she will find out exactly how far I will go to test that. Every pain filled scene is topped off with mind blowing orgasms that prove even orgasms cause suffering. She is subjected to flogging, caning, a dragon's tail whip, and grueling bondage just to get to an orgasm that is ultimately denied until she can no longer control herself. Her final scene is the most intense suspension she has ever had to endure, and most can't, and she barely makes it through. This update is not for the faint of heart and is one of the most sadistic scene ever caught on film.