Been Caught Stealing: Sophia Locke and Christian Wilde

Stars: Sophia Locke, Christian Wilde
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Added: 17th of February 2023 | Views: 390 | Runtime: 01min 39sec | Category: Sex and Submission

Sophia Locke is a mover and shaker in the corporate world, and has partnered up with a mogul named Christian Wilde. Together they have mad monetary moves that others can only dream about, but late one night as Christian is reviewing budgets, he sees a very large discrepancy in Sophia's budget reports. He calls her up and has her meet him at an undisclosed location to sort things out, but little does she know that there's a resolve already in pace that she isn't expecting. You can guess her response as Christian makes his accusation, and the final decision doesn't come easy, or lightly for Sophia. Christian takes her back into the depths of his hidden warehouse where Sophia has no choice but to pay the piper. She is bound in tight rope bondage and Christian has his way with her, tormenting her, and ensuring that he gets his money worth from this slut.