The Gentleman's Club: Don't Fuck with the Dancers

Stars: Dietrich Cyrus, TS Foxxy, Kaylee Hilton
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Added: 14th of September 2011 | Views: 2278 | Runtime: 01min 00sec | Category: TS Seduction

Foxxy and Kaylee are the most popular feature dancers at The Gentleman's Club.

Doorman Cyrus, fantasizes about the girls on their knees sucking him off until he cums down their hot throats. He can almost feel their gagging coughs milking every drop from his cock as they choke down his load. If only he could make them do this...

Foxxy and Kaylee are no strangers to guys trying to have their way with them and they've had enough of it. When Cyrus tries to blackmail the girls, Foxxy and Kaylee go along with his bribe just long enough for him to get good and hard from their mouths. They throw him down, bind his hands and show him how fucking is really done.

Foxxy whips out her cock and Cyrus moans as she jabs into his ass. Kaylee slaps the shock and pained look right off his face as she climbs all over him, taunting him with her pussy.

Kaylee spreads wide for her girlfriend's cock and makes Cyrus suffer by pulling his hands away from his cock every time he gets close to cumming while watching the girls fuck.