The Wrong House: Isaac X and Jake Waters

Stars: Isaac X, Jake Waters
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Added: 7th of October 2022 | Views: 400 | Runtime: 01min 36sec | Category: Taken Rough

Desperation can bring the worst out of the best of us. Jake Waters learned this on that fateful day. Things have been rough for the man and money was beyond tight. He was presented with the opportunity to an easy payday in the form of a quick smash and grab. The house was supposed to be abandoned, not a soul in sight. All he had to do was to break into the bedroom, grab the money from the drawer and leave. Seemed simple enough. However, unbeknownst to him, he was not alone in that house. Isaac X has been using this home as a bit of a sadistic oasis, and he did not take kindly to the unannounced guest. A quick tussle, a swift beatdown, and a brief tie later and Jake was in this man's clutches. Tied up and with no one around to hear him scream, Jake tries desperately to persuade Isaac to just let him go, to no avail. From pins being put all over his amazing, chiseled body to paddling, flogging and spanking, Isaac used Jake however he saw fit. Isaac fucked his throat mercilessly before he finally bent him over to worship his gorgeous ass and a few more rough spanks before plunging his huge dick into his tight hole, filling him with his cum and leaving him in his own juices to be his plaything for later.