The Hitchhiker

Stars: Jax Phoenix, Dominic Barr
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Added: 26th of October 2022 | Views: 118 | Runtime: 01min 10sec | Category: Taken Rough

Dominic Barr, a young man traveling to LA for a fresh start is walking down the street looking to get help for his broken down vehicle. That's when Jax PH spots his prey - Dominic is subdued and put into a trunk. He wakes up to find himself tied up in a sex dungeon. Jax then proceeds with tormenting the helpless Dominic using a paddle and flogger. Only when Jax grows bored of playing with his toy he decides to move Dominic into a different position, a position that leaves Dominic powerless to Jax while he takes what he wants from him, his tight asshole. Jax pounds Dominics asshole in several positions, but like a true monster he decides he's not done tormenting Dominic for the day. Dominic is Bound and Gagged in a chair with his arms wide open as Jax joyfully dances around him sticking clothespins to his body. Jax then takes Dominic's ball gag out and starts throat fucking him till finally cums down his throat. He fills his pretty little toys' mouth up, leaving Dominic with cum drooling down his chin.