Pay It Forward

Stars: Johnny Ford, Buck Richards
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Added: 3rd of May 2024 | Views: 52 | Runtime: 01min 21sec | Category: Taken Rough

Johnny Ford wants to get revenge on his frat bro, Buck Richards for the rough hazing he got in college. He invites him to a fireside hangout to catch up and reminisce. Little does Buck know that Johnny has a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine. After recounting all the bad stuff Buck did, Johnny tells him it's his turn to have fun. Now all tied up and gagged, poor little Buck is at the mercy of Johnny's angry frat boy aggression. What the fuck Buck? Johnny laughs and gives him several hard-hitting cracks with a wooden paddle on his tender butt. Buck resists and cusses but he can't do a thing about it so he must suffer. Wearing leather gloves, Johnny slaps Buck around, chokes him and manhandles his helpless plaything. He crams his big hard cock all the way down Buck's throat making him gag and drool. Still tied up and on his hands and knees by the glowing, flickering fireside, Buck gets a torrent of beatings all over his body including his cock and balls with the crop, leather straps and paddles. Johnny stuffs Bucks ass full of cock and gives him a deep and thorough fucking that Buck seems to love. Flipped over oh his back Buck takes more hardcore pounding in his tight ass until Johnny shoots a hot load of revenge all over his vulnerable little whipping boy. Ah but Johnny isn't only about revenge because he tells Buck to jerk off so he can watch him cum. Buck says "yes sir" and strokes his long hard cock until he cums real good. Fuck yeah bro!