Locked Up

Stars: Rio 9rande, Buck Richards
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Added: 31st of May 2024 | Views: 75 | Runtime: 01min 11sec | Category: Taken Rough

During an intense firefight battle, Buck Richards runs into an old chicken coop to reload his weapon but immediately gets captured by Rio 9rande. Rio takes him back to his HQ and ties him to a chair. He slaps him, spits in his face, and chokes him, trying to get intel as to where his battalion is hiding. When Buck won't talk, Rio steps it up and flattens him out across his desk. He yanks Buck's pants down and spanks his bare ass. After that he hits him with a paddle and then shoves his fat cock in his mouth. He fucks Buck's face and then plunges his big dick inside his ass and fucks him raw and hard. In the next scene, Rio has Buck bound in rope bondage on his stomach with his legs up and a metal hook buried in his ass. Rio beats his feet with a wooden paddle, a cane, and then he shoves a huge dildo in his ass. After that, he puts Buck on a dirty mattress inside a jail cell and places a leather mask over his face. He leaves him there for a while and comes back with his dick hard. Rio beats Buck's ass with a wooden paddle and then licks his asshole. He shoves his big dick in Buck's ass and then fucks him deep and hard until they both blow their huge loads.